A prudent business oriented company is aware that the future of lending lies in technology-enabled financial services company that will provide unsecured loans to Small/Mid/Large Business repaid by card receivables, e-commerce sales and other non-cash payments.

Merchant Cash Advance is ideal for retail store owners who conduct a majority of their sales using Point-of-Sale machines (EDC Machines). Through this finance option, you can get a loan amount up to twice your monthly sales and installments will be deducted as a percentage of your revenue from credit/debit machines on daily or weekly mode.

Exclusive Features of Merchant Cash Advance Funding:

No monthly EMI; EMI is being repaid daily through EDC machine itself on a daily basis/weekly basis as per your choice.

The concept operates on current financial scenario and not on historical data.

There is no need of any collateral to be mortgaged.

The company/merchant can go for 100% top up after 3 months of availing the loan.

The company need not put in additional funds from the existing business in bulk affecting the cash flow but can utilize the additional funds and let the existing outlet/business running as earlier.

Funding amount ranges from 1lakh to 4.5 crore depending on the monthly swipes of the merchant.