Due to global Economic slow down, there is tremendous increase in NPA of banks/FIs. The lending I nstitutions are left with no option but to recall the debt and go for sale of assets of the borrower to recover dues.

This results in loss of reputation of the borrower. The borrower also loses ground to raise fresh debt in future from Banks/FIs. Most of the borrowers do not know the impact of their accounts categorized as NPA. By the time borrower realizes, it becomes too late to correct.

Timely action can save the borrower from this hardship. There are many stages before an account is declared NPA. Timely management can save a borrower from this awkward situation.

The Apex Bank has time to time have laid down guidelines for NPA accounts.

We at RJ Investments provide services to such borrowers and can guide them according to policies and guidelines of Apex Bank.

We undertake PRE NPA and POST NPA services.